Sunday, September 7, 2014

Preserving Family Quilts

Among the many things that family historians preserve, include preserving (and identifying) family photos, recipes, family records and personal memorabilia. Don't forget to check for any needed repairs in old quilts that have been passed down in the family.

This weekend, I repaired and restored three old family quilts - and I have been very surprised and pleased with my results. The first quilt, I had to replace the binding and repair a few blocks. This was one of my mother's quilts and is about 50 years old.

The second quilt was another 50 year plus quilt. This is a Sunbonnet Sue pattern, and brought back many memories of old dresses, aprons and some of my daddy's shirts.

My third quilt needed a great deal of repair. The quilt top of this diamond pattern, was originally pieced by my great grandmother, Arizona Delay for my mother. I'm guessing that's more than 50 years ago. The binding and back are still in good condition, but I had to replace an entire row on the top. Look in the center, next to the yellow diamonds (one of Mom's old dresses) and you'll see material that has small red watermelons on it. That's the row I had to replace - and luckily, it fits in perfect !

I have another Sunbonnet Sue quilt to repair. The binding was once a brilliant turquoise, but not so much now. I also need to replace some the "girls." It's twin size, and when I was a young girl, it was my bed cover.

This is my first attempt at repairing quilts - and who knows, maybe Mom and Little Granny were guiding me. I like to think that. Hope you enjoy my weekend preservation project.