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Topsy Turvy Cake ...1925

One of the great things about going to estate sales, yard sales and library book sales, is finding antique books and magazines. Two recent purchases were copies of American Cookery magazine, March and April 1925. I'll take a slight break from posting genealogy information, and share this recipe. This doesn't appear to be a Topsy Turvy Cake as today's version-where every layer is crooked, but instead  appears to be more like a sponge cake. Might have to try this - let me know if you try it :)

Topsy Turvy Cake

"Into a well-buttered frying pan put one cup of brown sugar, packing it well and evenly all over the bottom.
On this spread one cup of canned pineapple, or cherries, strawberries, apple sauce , ect.  Sprinkle with chopped walnuts, and pour over the batter: Beat the yolks of two eggs, add one cup of sugar, one cup of flour, sifted with a pinch of salt, and one teaspoon of baking powder, thinning out with a quarter cup of water.
Add any desired flavoring, and fold in the beaten whites of the two eggs. Bake like an ordinary sponge cake. Turn out and serve warm or cold with whipped cream over it."
Miss G.N. Evans

Friday, October 14, 2016

Remembering Cincinatus C. Slay

photo  by Larry Van Horn
May 18, 1843
Copiah County, Mississippi
Death: Dec. 31, 1864
near Iuka, Tishomingo County, Mississippi
Cincinatus was the son of Alexander Slay and Elizabeth McLean. Sibling to: Martha, Nathan Wesley (Capt.) Alexander Jr., Mary, Elizabeth, Norvell, Elijah (Capt.) Corydon, Leonidus, Alonzo Duncan, and twin sisters, Cornelia and Ophelia. All of his brothers served in the Civil War.

Cincinatus served as a Corporal in the CSA-Army of TN, 6th MS Infantry Co. F, known as the Crystal Springs Guards.

Originally, it was assumed by viewing his tombstone inscription, that he died during the Battle of Iuka, and there was a question on the correct date. However, a Slay family bible indicates the following;

photo by Larry Van Horn

Family bible records states "killed by the cars near Iuka"
As it was passed down through the family, Cincinatus and another man had survived the recent Battle of Nashville (December 15-16, 1864). (This would have been part of Loring's Division). After their defeat the Rebels walked from Nashville to near Tupelo. Here was an opportunity to ride a train rather than walk. The wounded and sick were laid on flat cars. Cincinatus Slay and another man, being well, put a board between two flat cars since there was no other place for them. At some time after the train cars began rolling the board collapsed and he was crushed by the train.

Thanks very much to Tim Burgess for his bible information and settling a question on when and where Cincinatus died. May he rest in peace.

  Alexander Slay (1806 - 1878)
  Elizabeth McLean Slay (1806 - 1872)

  Martha Slay Miller (1828 - 1910)
  Nathan W. Slay (1830 - 1899)
  Alexander Slay (1831 - 1866)
  Mary Slay (1833 - 1833)
  Elizabeth Slay (1834 - 1835)
  Elijah Slay (1838 - 1864)
  Corydon Slay (1841 - 1918)
  Cincinatus C. Slay (1843 - 1864)
  Leonidas Slay (1846 - 1868)
  Alonzo Duncan Slay (1848 - 1921)
  Cornelia Slay Bell (1850 - 1932)
  Ophelia Slay Briley (1850 - 1884)

County Line Cemetery
Crystal Springs, Copiah County, Mississippi

Tombstone Abbreviations

Hopewell Cemetery, Copiah County, Mississippi
Walking through cemeteries while visiting the graves of those that went before us, or looking for that lost family member, we have come across many unique and sometimes confusing symbols and abbreviations on markers. Note: There are far more abbreviations than listed here.

AF&AM - (masonic)
AFL – American Federation of Labor
AFL-CIO - American Federation of Labor – Congress of Industrial Organizations
AFSCME - The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees
AMORC - Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis
AOF - Ancient Order Of Foresters
AOH - Ancient Order Of Hibernians
AOKMC - Ancient Order Of Knights of Mystic Chain
AOUW - Ancient Order Of United Workmen
ALOH - American Legion of Honor
AUM - Ancient Order of Mysteries- Masonic Order
BPOE - Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks
BPOEW - Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the World
Congress of Industrial Organizations
CK of A - Catholic Knights of America
COOF - Catholic Order of Foresters
CTAS - Catholic Total Abstinence Society
CBKA - Commander Benevolent Knights Association
CCTAS - Crusaders-Catholic Total Abstinence Society
CSA - Confeserate States of America
DAR - Daughters of American Revolution
EBA - Emerald Beneficial Association
FAA - Free and Accepted Americans
F&AM - Free and Accepted Masons.
FOE - Fraternal Order of Eagles
GALSTPtr - German American Legion of St. Peter
GAR - Grand Army of the Republic
GLAUM - Grand Lodge Ancient Order of Mysteries-Masonic Order
GUOOF - Grand United Order of Odd Fellows
IHSV - Red Cross of Constantine
IOI - Independent Order of Immaculates
IOKP - Independent Order of Knights of Pythias
IOOF - Independent Order of Odd Fellows
ISH - Independent Sons of Honor
IORM - Improved Order of Redmen
IWW - Industrial Workers of the World
JAOUW - Junior Order-Ancient Order of United Workmen
JOUAM - Junior Order-Order of United American Mechanics
KGL - Knight Grand Legion
KM - Knights Militant
KC - Knights of Columbus
K of C - Knights of Columbus
K of FM - Knights of Father Matthew
KFM - Knights of Father Matthew
K of H - Knights of Honor
K of L - Knights of Loyola
K M - Knights of Malta (Masonic)
KMC - Knights of the Mystic Chain
KPC - Knights of Peter Claver
KP - Knights of Pythias
K of P - Knights of Pythias
KSC - Knights of St. Columbkille
KG - Knights of St. George
KSTG - Knights of St. George
KSTI - Knights of St. Ignatius
K of SJ - Knights of St. John
KSTJ - Knights of St. Joseph
KSL - Knights of St. Lawrence
KSTM - Knights of St. Martin
K of STP - Knights of St. Patrick
KSTP - Knights of St. Paul
KSTP - Knights of St. Peter
KSTT - Knights of St. Thomas
K of STW - Knights of St. Wenceslas
KT - Knights of Tabor
K of T - Knights of Tabor
KWM - Knights of Wise Men
KGE - Knights of Golden Eagle
KHC - Knights of Holy Cross
KKK - Knights of Klu-Klux Klan
KOTM - Knights of Macabees
KSF - Knights of Sherwood Forest
KT - Knights Templars (Masonic)
LAOH - Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians
LK of A - Loyal Knights of America
LOM - Loyal Order of the M.O.O.S.E.
MOLLUS - Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States
MRA - Royal Arcanum
MWA - Modern Woodsmen of America
NOK - New Order Knights (see KKK)
OES - Order of the Eastern Star
OUAM - Order of United American Mechanics
PM - Patriarchs Militant (Independent Order of Odd Fellows)
POSA - Patriotic Order of the Sons of America
RIP - Rest in Peace
RMOKHSJ - The Religious and Military Order of Knights of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem
RSTV - Rite of St. Vaclara
RSTV - Rite of ST. Vita
RK - Roman Knights
SR - Scottish Rite (Masonic Order)
RAM - Royal Arch Masons
RO-AUM - Rosicrucian Order
SBCL - Saint Bonifazius Catholic Union
SBL - Society B. Lafayette
SCV - Sons of the Confederate Veterans
SAR - Sons of the American Revolution
SNA-AUM - Shrine of North America (Masonic)
SV - Sons of Veterans
TH - Temple of Honor-Independent Order of Odd Fellows
TMO – Traditional Martinist Order (Rosicrucian)
UCV - United Confederate Veterans
UDC - United Daughters of the Confederacy
VFW - Veterans of Foreign Wars
WOW - Woodsman of the World
(FAG FB post)

Honoring a 5th Great Grandfather and Grandmother...Jesse and Margrette Neville

Neville Cemetery, Walhalla, South Carolina

NEVILLE FAMILY CEMETERY, Walhalla, Oconee County, South Carolina


Find intersection of Highways 28 & 183 in downtown Walhalla. 
Drive 2.1 miles NW on Highway 28. 
Cemetery is located on a hill, on the left side of the road. 
Across the street from the Rocky Knoll Baptist Church.

Latitude N 34 46.385 x Longitude W 83 05.742


This pioneer family cemetery is located on a hill, which was typical for this time period.  It is speculated that the land was probably owned by Jesse & Margarette Neville and that Jesse started the cemetery  when Margarette died in 1838.  Over the years, the City has used it as a Pauper's Field.  Walhalla residents have also used it as a free-grave community cemetery.  If relatives of the deceased could find a burial spot in the cemetery, this is where the Funeral Home dug the grave without asking anyone's permission.  At some point in time, the City probably took the land for non-payment of taxes, lost their records and forgot what they did.  As of Dec-2002, the cemetery is full.

a. = age at death
b. = date-of-birth
d. = date-of-death
h. = husband
m. = married
p. = parents
w. = wife

ABBOTT, Jeptha G., b. 26-dec-1826, d. 2-may-1904
ABNEY, Alice Mattielee Stephens, b. 10-apr-1932, d. 10-jan-1983, p. Clyde
Stephens and Corrine Wood Stephens Trotter, b. Madison, GA
ALLEY, James F., b. may-16-1867, d. nov-10-1941, on double headstone w/ Margaret B.
ALLEY, Margaret B., b. jun-13-1867, d. nov-4-1939, on double headstone w/ James E.
ALLEY, Zoe M., b. jun-21-1903, d. jul-1-1916, says dtr of J.F. and M.L. Alley
AREY, Virginia, b. 4-sept-1920, d. 30-jan-1999
BARNES, Arrie certain, b. 1943, d. 18-oct-1997, a. 54y, p. ned & ruby loudermilk certain, h. george towe
BARNES, Arrie G., b. 6-jun-1943, d. 18-oct-1997
BARNES, Bethana, b. 26-jul-1833, d. 17-jul-1923, a. 89y 11m 18d
BARTON, Alfred P., b. 23-jun-1859, d. 28=jan-1932, a. 73y 7m 5d, w. latha m. barnes barton
BARTON, Ittie Lou, b. 1883, d. 1949, a. 66y
BARTON, Latha M. Barnes, b. 28-nov-1860, d. 6-feb-1945, a. 84y 2m 8d, h. alfred p. barton
BITER, Mae M., b.1898, d.1919
BLACKWELL, Donnie, b.1942, d.1942
BLACKWELL, Pauline, no dates, p. berry & christena blackwell
BLACKWELL, Zemley M., b.1922, d.1942
BOLICK, Rebecca McCall, b.1840, d.1926
BOYTER, Sam R., b. 1946, d. 1998
BOYTER, Sam Robert, b.1946c, d.22-nov-1998, p. john & christine pace boyter
BOYTER, Unknown, b. 1920, d. 1994
BRAMLETT, Wister, b. 25-Dec-1868, d. 29-Jan-1920, on single headstone.
BRIDGES, Bobby C., b. 1-jan-1934, d. 14-may-1991
BRIDGES, Robert Copeland, b. 1934C, d. 14-May-1991, h. of brenda (thames)
bridges; son of earl bridges & essie (justice) bridges glaton; b. griffin, ga.;
surv: son bobby; dtrs. donna, debra owens, barbara jefferson, marie burton;
stepdtrs. rachel & ann sellers. (a.i., 5-16-91, pg. 3c, col. c).
BROOK, Rex, b. 1921, d. unknown
BROOKS, Inez, b. 22-Dec-1927, d. 27-Jun-1928; on single headstone; says dtr. of
s.t. & laura brooks; she is back of sam w. brooks plots.
BROOKS, Laura F., b. 4 Jul-1891, d. 16-Feb-1974; on double headstone with sam
w.; separate stone says mother.
BROOKS, Rex, b. 1921, d. 1978; on funeral marker only; he is just outside the
sam w. books plot.
BROOKS, Sam W., b. 18-Aug-1883, d. 30-Jun-1961; on double headstone with laura f.; just outside is rex; in back of the is inez; separate stone says father.
BROOME, George L., b. 29-Mar-1880, d. 26-Mar-1958, on double headstone with ida k.
BROOME, Ida K., b. 23-Oct-1884, d. 6-Apr-1965; on double headstone with george l.
BROWN, Buford, b. 24-Sep-1897, d. 9-Dec-1916; on single headstone beside claudie; just outside is melvin s. brown plot.
BROWN, Claudia, b. 21-Dec-1902, d. 6-Nov-1915; on single headstone beside buford.
BROWN, James H., b. 28-May-1869, d. 23-Jul-1955; on double headstone with melvin s.
BROWN, Melvin S., b. 8-Dec-1865, d. 19-Dec-1941; on double headstone with jane h.; separate stones say father & mother; just outside is buford brown plot.
BURDETTE, Pearl Lusk, b. 1942, d. 29-oct-1990, h. wesley burdette, p. jimmy & annie mae wilbanks lusk, index card says 1942C
BURDETTE, Pearl, b. 31-dec-1941, d. 29-oct-1990
BURGESS, Walter Lee, b. 1899, d. 1948
BURKHART, Randall, b. 1961, d. 1962
BURKHART, Randy M., b. 1961, d. 1962, on double headstone with david a., index card says also a randall burkhart on a funeral marker but it is some distance from this headstone- may be same person
BUTTS, Alma C., b. 1903, d. 1925
CAMPBELL, Cora L., b. 19-sept-1868, d. 5-nov-1955
CAMPBELL, J.L., b. 14-feb-1899, d. 14-jun-1908
CANNON, C.W., b. 1879*, d. 12-may-1929, *says died a. 50y
CAPE, Verner, b. 27-oct-1923, d. 7-oct-1944, on military marker: sc pvt 30 inf 3 inf div WWII
CARVER, Katie E., b. 30jun-1888, d. 26-feb-1964, dbl. headstone with luther a.
CARVER, Louise K., b. 1892, d. 1952, dbl. headstone with william r.
CARVER, Luther A., b. 24-jul-1889, d. 1-oct-1948, dbl. headstone with katie e.
CARVER, Mary M., b. 1893, d. 1958, dbl. headstone with noah
CARVER, Noah Richard, b. 23-feb-1932, d. 22-feb-1994, w. mary elaine morton carver, s/o noah & cora (moore) (carver) langston
CARVER, Noah, b. 1878, d. 1950, dbl. headstone with mary m.; also here: cora m., jackie j. & jess d. langston, sr.
CARVER, William Perry, b. 1853*, d. 10-sept-1923, single headstone, *says died aged 70y
CARVER, William R., b. 1891, d. 1939, dbl. headstone with louise k.
CERTAIN, J. Luke, b. 1993, d. 9-sept-1993, infant son of david & karen nichols certain; grands james & joyce nichols & m.j. & brenda certain; great grands, ruby niclols, grace stephens ruby certain
CERTAIN, Nen, b. 1903, d. 1962; also here: patricia gale certain
CERTAIN, Patricia Gale, b. 4-jul-1939, d. 23-feb-1940; also here nen
CERTAIN, Perry D., Jr., b. 23-mar-1966, d. 14-dec-1998
CERTAIN, Perry Dale, Jr., b.1966c, d.14-dec-1998, p. p.d. sr. & linda rosa lee certain
CERTAIN, Ruby Alice Loudermilk, b. 1907C, piedmont sc, d. 25-oct-1997, h. nen; s/o j.m. & arrie martin loudermilk
CERTAIN, Rugby L., b. 28-aug-1907, d. 25-oct-1997
CHASTAIN, Eulysses, b. 1898C, d. 8-jul-1984, w. ida mae smith cooper chastain; s/o travis & kate johnson chastain
CHASTAIN, Hoyt*, b. 23-sept-1938, d. 20-jan-1994, military marker: ga pvt 31 co trans corps; also here: dora frances rothell, randall burkhardt, margaret ann halbrooks; *obit says hoyt franklin chasteen; s/o jesse butler & corrie martin vickery chastain; w. mildred edna moore chastain
COBB, Baby, 24-apr-1918, only date, buried in luther cobb plots
COBB, Baby, 26-dec-1934, only date, buried in luther cobb plots
COBB, Betty Lou Stancil, b.1935c, d.27-jan-2001, p. ethel m. stancil
COBB, Edgar A., b. 14-nov-1921, d. 30-dec-1987
COBB, Edker Alfred, b. 1921C, d. 31-dec-1987, w. mary lee pitts cobb; s/o alfred & delila dickson cobb
COBB, Jessie, b. 4-jan-1917, d. 8-jun-1917, single headstone buried in luther cobb plots
COBB, L.C., b. 29-oct-1933, d. 1-nov-1933, single headstone, buried in luther cobb plots
COBB, Luther, b. 19-jul-1893, d. 18-dec-1976, single headstone; also here: jessie, l.c., theo dosia, sallie smith cobb & 2 cobb babies
COBB, Ruth May, b. 21-mar-1920, d. 12-mar-1928, single headstone says d/o c. & dessie cobb
COBB, Sallie Smith, b. 27-mar-1897, d. 23-may-1954, single headstone, buried in luther cobb plots
COBB, Theo Dosia, b. 1-dec-1927, d. 20-aug-1928, single headstone buried in luther cobb plots
COKER, Charles James, b. 1918C, franklin co ga,  d. 11-aug-1984, greenville sc; s/o curtis & myrtie willis coker
COUCH, Lissie R., b. 1910, d. 1963
COX, J.H., b. 1865*, d. 23-dec-1927, single headstone beside dtr. nora lee cox; *says died aged 62y
COX, Nora Lee, b. 22-aug-1901, d. 5-jul-1927, single headstone says d/o j.h. cox
CRENSHAW, Augusta Seiskey, b. 26-sept-1849, d. 11-feb-1904, 3-way headstone with husband newton crenshaw and eugenia seiskey
CRENSHAW, Ella M., b. 10-jun-1873, d. 26-oct-1960, single headstone beside jeff davis crenshaw
CRENSHAW, H.D., b. 5-oct-1806, d. 17-mar-1884, single headstone beside sarah
CRENSHAW, Jeff Davis, b. 10-may-1875, d. 5-apr-1934, single headstone beside ella m.; also here: sally e., buried in newton crenshaw plots
CRENSHAW, Newton, b. 20-jan-1840, d. 11-jan-1927, 3-way headstone with wife augusta seiskey crenshaw and eugenia seiskey; also here: ella m., sally e. & jeff davis crenshaw; augusta c. hobart and grace c. harrison; has csa marker on grave
CRENSHAW, Salley E., b. 22-sept-1877, d. 21-jan-1977, single headstone beside jeff davis renshaw
CRENSHAW, Sarah, b. 14-jan-1814, d. 4-jan-1897, single headstone beside h. d.
CROCKER, infant, no dates, single headstone, buried in james oliver rutledge plots
CRUMPTON, Wade W., b. 19-aug-1884, d. 22-mar-1930, single headstone, stone is broken, has masonic emblem
DAVIS, Charles, 1967, only date, funeral marker only; also here: franklin & richard, they in back of coaxie ivory davis plot
DAVIS, Coaxie Ivory, b. 9-mar-1909, d. 17-aug-1982, single headstone beside colleen; also here: tommy e., codie, & truman henderson davis and 2 funeral
markers no longer readable; in back of them are: shirley a., erby, richard, charles, leroy & franklin, w. colleen davis
DAVIS, Codie, b. 24-aug-1910, d. 13-dec-1965, military marker: sc pvt btry d. 79 field arty WWII, buried in coaxie ivory davis plots
DAVIS, Colleen, b. 20-feb-1914, d. 18-aug-1973, single headstone says mother
DAVIS, Delia Carrie Carver, b. 13-may-1912, d. 16-feb-1998, greenville sc, h. henley m.; d/o henry & rachel swafford carver
DAVIS, Dover Ray, b.2-apr-1925, d.30-dec-1999, p. henley & gerthie o'bryant davis, w. julia mae holcombe davis
DAVIS, Erby, 1968, only date, funeral marker only, buried in shirley a davis plot
DAVIS, Franklin, 1964, only date - says 1 day, funeral marker only; also here: charles & richard
DAVIS, Henley, b. 10-may-1900, d. 17-jan-198?
DAVIS, Henley, b. 1900, d. 1982, funeral marker only beside leroy
DAVIS, Julia M., b. 30-jun-1928, d. 26-jan-1989
DAVIS, Julia Mae Holcombe, b. 1929C, anderson sc, d. 26-jan-1989, h. dover ray davis; d/o bennie benjamin & annie belle ballard holcombe
DAVIS, Leroy, b. 20-oct-1945, d. 24-oct-1947, funeral marker only, beside henley
DAVIS, Lular, (Negro), b. 1903, d. 1966, single headstone beside david 1901/75
DAVIS, Mary Lee Long, b.16-jun-1932, d.25-sept-1999, h. moses davis, p. lonnie
edward & lydia mae boggs long
DAVIS, Richard, 1969, only date, says 1 day, funeral marker only, also here: charles & franklin
DAVIS, Shirley A.*, b. 12-apr-1939, anderson sc, d. 16-nov-1982, single headstone, also here: erby; d/o homer & retha woodall davis woods; h. moses e.
DAVIS, Shirley A., b. 12-apr-1939, d. 16-nov-1982
DAVIS, Tommy E., b. 16-feb-1953, d. 5-mar-1976, single headstone, says son & brother, separate stone says son; buried in coaxie ivory davis plot
DAVIS, Truman Henderson, b. 16-feb-1950, d. 21-feb-1979, single headstone had military marker attached: sa us navy vietnam
DAVIS, Viola Baldwin, b. 1887, d. 1961, single headstone beside sloan matthew davis 1887/1958, buried in wm. m. baldwin plots
DEATON, Carrie McCall, b. 12-nov-1853, d. 18-jul-1919, dbl. headstone with thomas j.
DEATON, Thomas J., b. 5-nov-1857, d. 30-jul-1926, dbl. headstone with carrie mccall deaton
DERRICK, Clara (Jackie) Rowland Mistrot, b. 1925C, d. 25-apr-1997, h. thomas; s/o andrew lewis & julie barton rowland; m: 1st lucien mistrot
DERRICK, Clara R., b. 6-dec-1924, d. 25-apr-1997, h. thomas b. derrick
DERRICK, Thomas Bluford, b. apr-1916, d. 27-nov-1989, w. clara rowland derrick; s/o william & carrie shead derrick; navy vet WWII
DODGINS, Alice Mae, b. 27-nov-1918, d. 30-may-1944, single headstone, buried in neal dodgins plots
DODGINS, Julia A., b. 15-sept-1889, d. 6-sept-1964, single headstone beside neal
DODGINS, Neal, b. 28-oct-1887, d. 8-feb-1928, single headstone beside julia a.; also here: alice mae
DORSEY, Andrew J., b. 1861, d. 1891
DORSEY, David J., b. 1908, d. 8-mar-1988, w. estelle trayham dorsey, p. e.a. & sallie smith dorsey
DORSEY, David, b. 1899, d. 1941
DORSEY, Elisha A., b. 1868, d. 1940
DORSEY, Ester B., b. 1870, d. 1895
DORSEY, George Lewis, b. 18-jan-1893, d. 13-oct-1941, on double headstone with gertrude l., military marker sc pvt 1cl 21 inf, stone says married 8-feb-1920
DORSEY, Gertrude L., b. 30-oct-1903, d. 2-jul-1986, on double headstone with george lewis dorsey
DORSEY, Jessie, b. ?, d. ?, stone no longer readable, buried in andrew j. dorsey plots
DORSEY, Lillie G., b. 22-dec-1920, d. 22-mar-1921, p. g.l. & l.g. dorsey
DORSEY, Mary D., b. 1890, d. 1935
DORSEY, Mary E. b. 1863, d. 1946
DORSEY, Minnie L., b. 1894, d. no date
DORSEY, Saley S., b. 1864, d. 1927
DORSEY, W. H. Mrs., b. 14-nov-1858, d. 30-nov-1914, on single headstone beside william h.
DORSEY, Wilene A., b. 6-oct-1929, d. 31-jan-1953
DORSEY, William H., b. 10-jun-1857, d. 10-sep-1925
DOWIS, Crate, b. 9-oct-1883, d. 7-dec-1887, p. w.m. & m.c. dowis
DOWIS, Mary Potteet, d. 18-sep-1861, d. 12-dec-1916, h. w.m.
DOWIS, W.M., b. 5-jun-1859, d. 25-jul-1935, w. mary potteet dowis
DUFFIE, Lizzie May, b. 21-may-1877, d. 20-jun-1882, p. rev. r. l. & a. e. duffie
DUNCAN, Eula Mae Rowland Keaton, b. 1908, d. 3-apr-1994, h. (1st) justice keaton, h. (2nd) henry n. duncan, p. sam & maggie duncan rowland
DUNN, Cora Lucy, b. 4-jul-1893, d. 17-mar-1931, on double headstone with mack
DUNN, Ernest, b. 1927, d. 1961
DUNN, Mack, b. 22-sep-1838, d. 10-mar-1931, on double headstone with dtr. cora lucy dunn, csa marker on grave
DUNN, Margeret I., b. 1866, d. 1960, buried beside ernest
EARLE, Della F., b. 12-apr-1908, d. 4-jul-1928, buried in james newton fitzgerald plots
FITZGERALD, D.B., b. 11-jun-1899 d. 16-feb-1924, has masonic emblem
FITZGERALD, James N.,b. 1901 d. 1963, on double headstone w/ Ola S.
FITZGERALD, James Newton, b. 30-mar-1863 d. 26-jan-1920, Woodmen of the World emblem
FITZGERALD, Ola S., b. 1912, d. 1987, h. james n. Fitzgerald
FITZGERALD, Ola S., b. 1912, d. 3-jul-1987, paper says Ola (Smith) Fitzgerald, h. James, b. Oconee, d. Clayton GA, p. James and Leila (Williams) Smith
FOSTER, C.W., b. 17-jul-1894 d. 18-oct-1918, beside Lora, WOW emblem
FOSTER, Emily W., note says Elizabeth (Emily) Walker, b. 1841-1843, d. 18-nov-1913, on double headstone w/ George
FOSTER, George, on double headstone w/ Emily W., note: this is Geo. W. Foster, b. c1845, d. before 1900
FOSTER, Lora, b. 9-jul-1918 d. 18-oct-1918, beside C.W.
FOWLER, George W., b. 23-mar-1846 d. 22-jun-1914, on double headstone w/ Mary C., CSA marker
FOWLER, Mary C., b. 1-jan-1852 d. 16-nov-1904, on double headstone w/ George W.
FOWLER, Mattie C., b. 11-may-1868 d. 3-jul-1908, on 3-way stone w/ William M. and "baby"
FOWLER, Richard W., b. 24-aug-1927 d. 25-aug-1927, son of Fred and Doshie Fowler
FOWLER, Wesley W., b. 17-mar-1875, d. 13-jul-1954
FOWLER, William M., b. 1871, d. 1937, on 3-way stone w/ Mattie C. and baby
FOXX, Mary Francis, b. 16-apr-1932, d. 1-oct-1933
FRADY, H.P., b. 1885 d. 1930
FRADY, John H., b. 1880 d. 1918
GARRETT, J.W., b.29-may-1859, d.20-feb-1944, beside reedie franklin garrettGARRETT, Pearl Gilden, b.8-july-1893, d.3-sept-1947
GARRETT, Reedie Franklin, b.16-aug-1864, d.9-mar-1942, single marker beside j.w.
GIBSON, James R., b.1870, d.1944
GILLESPIE, Creighton W., b.12-june-1909, d.10-jan-1929, p. mr. & mrs. l.e. gillespie
GILLESPIE, Eunice O. Barr, b.18-aug-1887, d.20-mar-1949, h. louie e.
GILLESPIE, Inez R., b.3-oct-1904, d.17-nov-1933
GILLESPIE, Jane Mosley, b. no date, d.7-may-1937, double marker with wm. edward
GILLESPIE, Louie E., b.23-oct-1887, d.17-june-1963, w. eunice o. barr gillespie
GILLESPIE, William Edward, b. no date, d. 27-mar-1948, double marker with jane mosley gillespie
GIPSON, Horace Ray, b.1950, d.1981
GOSS, Cynthia, 1970, 3 months old
GOSS, Infant Girl, 27-june-1970, only date
GUNN, Wesley M.G., Sr., b.1940c, d.25-apr-2000, p. mess & icey emma smith gunn (Mess as on card)
GUNN, Wesley, Sr., b. 8-jul-1939, d. 25-apr-2000
HALBROOKS, Margaret Ann, b.27-apr-1851, d.11-june-1915, h. m.n. halbrooks
HALE, Bertie O'Shields Pitts, b.1903C, d.30-july-1985, p. john & harriett woodall o'shields, h. reese hale
HALL, Mildred C., b. 29-may-1937, d. 18-apr-1993
HALL, Mildred Certain, b.1937C, d.8-apr-1993, mother: ruby loudermilk certain, father: nen certain, h. rex
HANCOCK, Harriett H., Mrs., b.24-aug-1880, d.2-sept-1954, beside john a.
HANCOCK, John A., b.10-july-1872, d.15-apr-1930, beside mrs. harriett h.
HARBORT, Corrie M., b.1870, d.1951, double marker with fred w.
HARBORT, Fred W., b.1871, d.1944, double marker with corrie m.
HARDEN, Bertha, b.25-feb-1906, d.10-jan-1930
HARDEN, Birdie, b.26-sept-1907, d.15-jan-1929
HARDEN, Hester, b.1885, d.1928, double marker with jesse g.
HARDEN, Jesse G., b.1879, d.1940, double marker with hester
HARDIN, Maggie Head, Mrs., b.1900, d.1960
HARRISON, Grace C., b.23-apr-1880, d.18-dec-1966
HEAD, Hiram J.C., b.9-july-1895, d.14-dec-1949, military marker: sc cpl 118 inf div WWI
HEDDEN, Eva, b.1899, d.1977
HENDERSON, Sophia R., b.29-apr-1913, d.16-may-1931
HIGHTOWER, Jeanette, b. 26-dec-1941, d. 12-dec-2001, h. larry hightower
HILL, Alma, b.14-sept-1937, d.11-dec-1937
HOBART, Augusta C., b. 8-jan-1887,  d. 19-jun-1977, single headstone, buried in newton crenshaw plots
HOLCOMB,  Jesse Roger, b. 1925c, d. 16-aug-1986, p. benny & annie belle ballard holcomb, w. sophia white holcomb, army vet wwII
HOLCOMBE, Benjamin, b. 1900, d. 30-dec-1988, p. will & fannie holcombe, w. annie belle ballard holcombe
HOLCOMBE, Bennie, b. 15-jun-1900, d. 30-dec-1988
HOLCOMBE, James E., b. 17-aug-1959, d. 18-nov-1987; US Army, PV2
HOLCOMBE, Jesse R., b. 21-apr-1924, d. 16-aug-1986; US Army, PFC WWII
HOLMES, Cliffton W., b. 7-feb-1898, d. 29-jan-1944, double headstone with minnie a.
HOLMES, Minnie A., b. 14-dec-1897, d. 7-jan-1973, double headstone with cliffton w.
HOPKINS, Alex, b. 1876, d. 1889, single headstone, p. david & carolina hopkins
HOPKINS, Carolina, b. 12-may-1840, d. 28-mar-1934, single headstone
HOPKINS, Gordon B., b. 12-mar-1921, d. 18-nov-1944, military marker sc pvt engineers wwii
HOPKINS, Missouri M., b. 6-jan-1909, d. 20-dec-1997
HOPKINS, Missouri Montana, b. 1909c, d. 20-dec-1997, p. william & julie smith hopkins
HOPKINS, William Bill, b. 12-may-1876, d. 30-dec-1942, single headstone
HYDE, Minnie M., b.17-may-1873, d.17-mar-1878, double marker with samie a.
HYDE, Samie A., b.19-mar-1882, d.23-oct-1911, double marker with minnie m.
JACKSON, Alford E., b.25-oct-1916, d.24-mar-1917
JARRETT, Dewey L, no dates, a.y 8m, p. m.m & e.a. jarrett
JARRETT, James A., no date, p. m.m & e.m. jarrett, a. 14m
JEFFERSON, Vera Welch, b.1917, d.1981
JOHNSON, James A., b.1962, d.1962
JOHNSON, Leroy, b.1936, d.28-oct-1982, p. john h. & maude eller johnson, w. lucy bell wood loggins johnson
JORDAN, Willie R., Sr., b. 22-mar-1923, d. 14-may-1992
JUSTICE, Albert, b.1901, d.1975, double marker with eva
JUSTICE, Eva, b.1906, d.1972, double marker with albert
JUSTICE, Glenn R., b.26-nov-1925, d.3-june-1944, military marker: sc pvt co c 8 inf tng bn WWII bsm-ph
KEATON, Eula M., b.1910, d. 1994, double marker with justice c.
KEATON, Justice C., b.1907, d.1956, double marker with eula m.
KEATON, Melvin, b.30-aug-1940, d.30-aug-1940, p. sloan & mabel b. keaton
KEATON, Sallie L., b.7-nov-1876, d.26-mar-1928, double marker with thomas w.
KEATON, Thomas Manuel, b.20-may-1935, d.1-june-1935, p. sloan & mabel b. keaton
KEATON, Thomas W., b.16-may-1869, d.23-july-1928, double marker with sallie l.
KEITH, Martha Elenor Wood, b.1931C, d.11-apr-1988, p. quilly wood & eula collins wood gilliam, h. james b. keith
KELLEY, Albert A, b.5-may-1865, d.16-mar-1962, double marker with gussie n.
KELLEY, Bessie, b.1911C, d.8-sept-1993
KELLEY, Burt, b.14-aug-1889, d.19-june-1973, military marker: sc pvt us army WWI
KELLEY, Carl F., b. 30-oct-1922, d. 12-jan-1994; US Army, WWII Korea Vietnam
KELLEY, Dock L., b.30-oct-1885, d.16-jan-1940, double marker with goldie white kelley, married 25-oct-1908
KELLEY, Earlie Mae, b. 1-jan-1903, d. 11-dec-1989
KELLEY, Edd M., b.17-jan-1921, d.27-may-1922
KELLEY, Elizabeth, b.13-oct-1822, d.8-nov-1894, h. joseph h.
KELLEY, Eunice Elizabeth, b.27-nov-1920, d.3-aug-1921
KELLEY, Goldie White, b.8-feb-1889, d.29-may-1950, double marker with dock l.
KELLEY, Gussie N., b.10-may-1869, d.10-may-1916, double marker with albert a.
KELLEY, Hattie McCall, b.27-jan-1866, d.10-may-1928, h. j.w.
KELLEY, J.W., b.14-sept-1851, d.21-dec-1927, w. hattie mccall kelley
KELLEY, Joseph H., b.8-june-1822, d.19-june-1902, w. elizabeth
KELLEY, Joseph M., b.15-may-1847, d.2-july-1926, w. martha e. crenshaw kelley, csa marker
KELLEY, Joseph, b.29-oct-1891, d.19-feb-1919, military marker: sc pvt 2 development bn WWI
KELLEY, Lillie H., b.15-aug-1896, d.10-sept-1981, double marker with waller c.
KELLEY, Martha E. Crenshaw, b.14-nov-1854, d.10-feb-1918, h. joseph m.
KELLEY, Non, b.1894, d.1970, double marker with earlie mae k.
KELLEY, Nora B., b.1874, d.1-jan-1912, a. 38y
KELLEY, Ralph R., b.25-nov-1921, d.15-oct-1991, p. bert & estelle hall kelley, army vet WWII
KELLEY, Ruby E., b.30-aug-1909, d.16-aug-1975
KELLEY, Sally B., b.28-may-1883, d.10-dec-1935, double marker with sam c.
KELLEY, Sam C., b.1-july-1889, d.26-mar-1968, double marker with sally s.
KELLEY, Timothy B., b.1963, d.1980
KELLEY, W.B., b.28-sept-1818, d.3-oct-1891, beside mrs. rebeckr kelly, csa marker
KELLEY, Waller C. "Bunky", b.1915C, d.15-feb-1996, p. sam c. & sally broome kelley
KELLEY, Waller C., b. 23-oct-1914, d. 15-feb-1996
KELLEY, Waller C., b.11-sept-1878, d.11-dec-1929, double marker with lillie h.
KELLY, Carl Frederick, b.1929C, d.17-jan-1994, p. bert kelly & estelle hall kelly galloway,  army vet
KELLY, Ollie Mae, b.31-july-1912, d.29-june-1945
KELLY, Rebeckr, Mrs., b.20-dec-1828, d.17-nov-1901, beside w.b.
KERR, Genvea,(as on card) b.3-may-1924, d.7-may-1924
KERR, Hannah M., b.20-june-1880, d.6-mar-1954, double marker with rufus h.
KERR, Harry S., b.18-dec-1914, d.19-feb-1983, p. rufus & hannah morton kerr, w. johanna biemann kerr
KERR, Joseph, b.1855, d.1932, double marker with rebecca
KERR, Lizzie, b.22-june-1887, d,19-nov-1904, beside r.e.
KERR, Nat Lee, b.1-nov-1916, d.6-july-1918
KERR, R.E., b.1-mar-1878, d,29-dec-1915
KERR, Rebecca, b.1856, d.1922, double marker with joseph
KERR, Rufus H., b.21-apr-1880, d.9-jan-1951, double marker with hannah m.
KISER, Lue White, b.4-aug-1862, d.15-may-1912, h. mike kiser
KISER, Mike, b.15-may-1861, d.15-may-1934
LANGSTEN, Jackie J., b. 1951, d. 1981
LANGSTEN, Jess D., Sr., b. 1901, d. 1994
LANGSTON, Cora M., b.1913, d.1977, double marker with jess d.,sr.
LANGSTON, Jackie J., b.1951, d.1981
LANGSTON, Jess Dover, Sr., b.1901, d.4-jan-1994, p. grady & symantha frady langston, w. cora elizabeth moore langston
LEE, Alma McKee, 20-feb-1886, d.18-dec-1960, h. fred
LEE, Boyce P., b.20-apr-1906, d.2-june-1936
LEE, Fannie, b.1865, d.1955, buried in henry lee plots
LEE, Frank C., Sr., b.23-sep-1914, d.14-nov-1984, p. william fred & alma mckee
LEE, Fred, b.13-july-1878, d.14-sept-1944, w. alma mckee lee
LEE, Frederick Roy, b.23-apr-1908, d.18-feb-1971, military marker: sc sgt us army ret WWII korea
LEE, Henry, b.1832, d.31-may-1892, beside mary, csa marker, a. 60y
LEE, James Leonard, b.1875, d.1946, double marker with toccoa abbott lee
LEE, Lila Mae, b. 8-feb-1916, d.8-apr-1992, p. james leonard & toccoa abbott lee
LEE, Mary, b.27-aug-1832, d.5-aug-1911, beside henry
LEE, Roy, b.11-nov-1902, in james leonard lee plots
LEE, Toccoa Abbot, b.1883, d.1965, double marker with james leonard lee
LOGAN, Clyde, b.1902, d.3-jan-1918
LOGAN, Henrietta, 22-june-1934, only date
LOGAN, J. Henry. B.8-apr-1896, d.6-apr-1978, double marker with lizzie g.
LOGAN, J.B., b.16-aug-1829, d.17-sept-1914, csa marker, beside susan
LOGAN, J.C., 2-sept-1921, only date
LOGAN, Lizzie G., b.22-nov-1894, d.20-apr-1973, double marker with j. henry logan
LOGAN, Olvie, Mrs., b.8-sept-1871, d.31-mar-1931 (olvie as on stone)
LOGAN, Susan, b.30-oct-1845, d.23-apr-1940, beside j.b.
LOGAN, W.P., b.6-apr-1935, d.13-dec-194? (no longer readable)
LOGAN, William, 20-sept-1922, only date
LOGGINS, Claude, b.6-dec-1900, d.19-july-1975
LOGGINS, Cola J., b. 1925, d. 1980; US Army- Korea
LOGGINS, Cola Jackson, b.1925, d.1980, military marker: us army korea
LOUDERMILK, Estelle, b.17-jan-1871, d.30-jan-1951
LOVE, John B., b. 4-jul-1892, d. 30-dec-1983
LOVE, John B., b.1891C, d.30-dec-1983, w. josephine ferguson love
LUSK, Annie Mae, b. 5-dec-1913, d. 15-sept-1983, p. louis & cansadie bryant wilbanks, h. jimmy
LUSK, Jakie Lee, b.30-aug-1947, d.22-july-1981
LUSK, James Junior, b.11-apr-1935, d.17-jan-2000, p. jimmy & annie mae wilbanks
LUSK, Jimmy, b.1889, d.1963, beside annie mae
LUSK, Paul, b.13-mar-1922, d.1-aug-1944, pfc - killed in france
LYLE, Bobbie Sue Lusk, b.1940C, d.15-may-1990, dtr. of jimmy & annie mae
wilbanks lusk,  
MANLEY, Albert H., b.15-aug-1903, d.22-mar-1978, double marker with kate s. manley
MANLEY, Earvileen, b.18-mar-1937, d.27-apr-1944
MANLEY, Kate S., b.6-apr-1913, double marker with albert h.
MARTIN, Garvin, b.1915, d.1969, beside 2 unmarked graves
MATHESON, Narcissus, b.15-june-1833, d.14-feb-1876, h. robert matheson
MATHIS, Armindie N., b.9-aug-1881, d.7-dec-1962, double marker with georeg (as on stone)
MATHIS, Georeg Doc(georeg as on stone), b.9-feb-1879, d.24-oct-1955, double marker with armindie n
McALISTER, Rose Ella, b.1883, d.1948
McCALL, A.P., b.27-sept-1827, d.7-may-1890, w. elizabeth m.
McCALL, Alma B., b.1904, d.4-feb-1989, p. rev. julius clayton & margaret theodocia dickson boggs, h. henry bascom mccall
McCALL, Andrew, 1971, a. 4
McCALL, Betty, b.1942, d.1981
McCALL, Bruce, b.1938, d.1938
McCALL, Bunyon L., b.8-may-1926, d.4-june-1980, military marker: pvt us army WWII
McCALL, Carrie Bell, b.1938, d.1939
McCALL, Elizabeth M., b.16-oct-1833, d.4-dec-1886, h. a.p.
McCALL, Frank, no dates, p. a.p. & m.e. mccall
McCALL, Haskell, 1971, a.7
McCALL, Haskell, b.1934C, d.13-may-1990, p. henry bascom & alma boggs mccall, w. janet gonzales mccall
McCALL, Henry B., b.1900, d.1959, double marker with alma b.
McCALL, Janet, b.1937, d.1971
McCALL, Jasmine, 1971, a.5
McCALL, Joe H., b.17-july-1874, d.3-nov-1946, double marker with minnie d.
McCALL, Minnie D., b.15-sept-1878, d.3-oct-1961, double marker with joe h.
McCALL, Monroe Jackson, b.1925C, d.15-jan-1991, p. henry bascom & alma boggs mccall, w. loraine charlotte franklin mccall, army vet korea
McCALL, Thomas b.27-oct-1869, d.18-aug-1950, double marker with trumer s.
McCALL, Trumer S., b.2-may-1879, d.12-dec-1952, double marker with thomas
McCALL, Willie, no dates, p. a.p. & m.e. mccall
McCRAW, Paul E., b.1896, d.1952, double marker with ruby g.
McCRAW, Ruby G, double marker with paul e.
McKEE, John Thomas, b.7-jan-1874, d.10-aug-1937
McKEE, Lydia Ledford, b.1885C, d.12-sept-1986, p. james matt & susan richardson ledford, h. john mckee
McKEE, Lydia, b. 6-apr-1885, d. 12-sept-1986, h. john t. mckee
MERRILL, Joseph B., b.20-july-1850, d.11-jan-1906
MILLER, Alex, b.28-feb-1880, d.13-jan-1940
MILLER, Annie,, b.17-june-1884, d.17-may-1887
MILLER, Essie, b.28-feb-1878, d.17-aug-1891
MILLER, Robert, b.7-may-1855, d.25-aug-1936
MILLER, Vickie, b.22-may-1862, d.4-dec-1940, beside robert
MOODY, Robert Ray, b.1922C, d.14-may-1989, p. christopher columbus & katie catherine albertson moody
MOORE, Fred Lamar, b.4-sep-1909, d.17-jan-1982, p. america & sarah swafford moore, w. mary carver moore
MOORE, Guy, b.1917, d.1979
MOORE, Joan, b.1947C, d.11-mar-1997, p. buy moore & alma moore moore
MOORE, Mary C., b. 4-apr-1914, d. 1-mar-1990, h. fred l. moore
MOORE, Mary Carver, b.1915C, d.1-mar-1990, p. henry & rachel swafford carver, h. fred l. moore
MOORE, Nancy Sue, b.1945, d.19-mar-2000, mother: alma, father: late guy moore
MOORE, Ray Joe, b.1930C, d.12-feb-1990, p. eli & gussie pitts moore
MORGAN, Cecil Ray, b.25-june-1934, d.15-feb-1937, p. t.s. & i.s. morgan
MORGAN, Thomas S., b.27-july-1909, d.1-nov-1950, military marker: sc momm2 usnr WWII
MORRIS, Latha B., b.20-jan-1911, d.2-feb-1936
MORTON, Ada S., b.19-june-1909, d.17-mar-1946
MORTON, Carrie Mae, b.1907, d.1914
MORTON, Elbert H., b.1876, d.1938, double marker with essie k.
MORTON, Erline, b.29-jan-1931, d.30-june-1933, says dtr. of walter & lula morton
MORTON, Essie K., b.1882, d.1929, double marker with elbert h.
MORTON, Fred, b.1913, d.1937
MORTON, Joe, no dates
MORTON, Lillie Deaton, b.10-feb-1877, d.14-july-1914
MORTON, Louia, b.31-jan-1886, d.5-oct-1913
MORTON, Walter, b.2-dec-1909, d.15-july-1946
MOSLEY, Cellie Ann, b.25-apr-1856, d.23-may-1932
MOSLEY, James E., b.1938, d.1938, p. fletcher & heneritta mosley
MOSS, Easter, b.16-apr-1911, d.16-apr-1911, p. lem & ruth moss
MOSS, Elijah M., b.1888, d.1936
MOSS, Infant Daughter, dtr. of Mr. & Mrs. Joe, 7-dec-1933
MOSS, Infant, no dates
MOSS, Lemuel A., b.16-may-1885, d.18-nov-1918, w. ruth s.
MOSS, Lemuel Edward, 14-june-1942, infant son of mr. & mrs. fred moss
MOSS, Patricia Louise, 28-mar-1946, infant of mr. & mrs. fred moss
MOSS, Ruth S., b.3-aug-1891, d.30-june-1980, h. lemuel a.
MOSS, Sallie Sanders, b.27-may-1867, d.19-jan-1921, h. joseph moss
MURRAY, Jacob R., b.27-jan-1911, d.9-dec-1940
MURRAY, Mary B., b.13-july-1875, d.1-oct-1963, double marker with william a.
MURRAY, William A., b.4-july-1890, double marker with mary b.
NEAL, Fannie Mae Ramey, b.23-aug-1912, d.4-sept-1987, p. john & arlessie green (sic), h. william l. neal
NEAL, W. Lillian, b. 1911, d. 1981
NEAL, William, b.1911, d.1981

One of the Neville Family Plots
NEVILLE, Alex, b.1796, d.1880
NEVILLE, Hattie L., b.10-june-1868, d.12-aug-1869
NEVILLE, James Francis, b.15-apr-1866, d.10-jan-1946, beside janie dendy neville
NEVILLE, Janie Dendy, b.11-june-1876, d.3-mar-1966, beside james francie Neville

Larry Van Horn honors his 5th great grandfather, Jesse Neville
NEVILLE, Jesse, b.1759, d.1842
NEVILLE, John Coffee, b.12-mar-1825, d.18-aug-1911, w. n. antoinette knox neville, csa marker
NEVILLE, Joseph A., b.10-june-1868, d.14-nov-1868
NEVILLE, Joseph E., b.7-feb-1829, d.18-oct-1924, w. margaret a. rogers neville
NEVILLE, Margaret A. Rogers, b.21-apr-1841, d.16-apr-1906, h. joseph e.
NEVILLE, Margarette, b.1755, d.1838
NEVILLE, N. Antoinette Knox, b.18-may-1840, d.12-june-1891, h. john coffee neville
NEVILLE, Nancy, b.1802, d.1884
NEVILLE, Samuel Knox, b.10-feb-1865, d.6-nov-1918

NORRIS, Nancy J. Robinson, b.16-jan-1841, d.3-jan-1897, h. t.r. norris
NORTON, Richard, b.27-jan-1898, d.18-july-1900, p. j.d. & mary norton
OAKLEY, Kale, b.14-apr-1879, d.31-mar-1947, double marker with minnie
OAKLEY, Minnie, b.24-june-1893, d.4-feb-1969, double marker with kale
ODELL, Margaretta, b.22-may-1838, d.2-may-1918, double marker with w.m.
ODELL, W.M., b.23-nov-1838, d.9-june-1903, double marker with margaretta
ORR, Katie, b.28-dec-1845, d.24-dec-1927, h. thomas orr
OWENS, Jane H., no dates
PALMER, Ida Ina, b.24-mar-1869, d.13-dec-1944
PALMER, John H., b.1909C, d.8-sept-1984, w. jean f. palmer
PEARSON, Buffie Nokilee Crumpton, b.1905C, d.19-dec-1994, p. rbt. & sarah katherine mcdonald crumpton, h. jeff
PEARSON, Nokilee C., b. 8-jun-1905, d. 19-dec-1994
PERRY, Willie M., b. 1920, d. 1989
PERRY, Willie Mae Spearman, b.1929C, d.6-june-1989, p. james w. dawthard & beulah barton spearman, h. william ben perry
PITTS, Bertie O., b.12-oct-1902, d.30-july-1985, double marker with wm. l.
PITTS, Ray L., b.25-jan-1924, d.22-feb-1944, military marker: sc pfc 179 inf 45 inf div WWII
PITTS, William L., b.15-mar-1882, d.8-oct-1952, double markerwith bertie o. pitts
PORTER, Estelle, b. 18-oct-1915, d. 7-jul-2001
POWER, Allie Williams, b.30-oct-1874, d.18-feb-1929, beside henry iverson power
POWER, Henry Iverson, b.29-aug-1863, d.27-july-1940, beside allie williams power
POWER, Paul Thomas, b.27-aug-1900, d.8-dec-1935
PRESLEY, Mary A., b.1846, d.1929
RAMEY, Dessie, b.1901, d.1976
RAMEY, John W., b. 21-apr-1956, d. 7-nov-1982
RAMEY, John Wilburn, b.1956, d.7-nov-1982, p. james ed & evelyn moore ramey
RAMEY, Lisa Marie, b. no date, d.18-feb-1983, infant dtr. of david edward & glenda faye kelley ramey
RAMEY, William Carl, b.1920C, d.11-aug-1992, p. john w. & lassie green ramey,
army vet WWII
RICHARDS, Paul Leroy, b.1924C, d.15-feb-1996, p. cofer willie osborn & eva margaret blackwell richards, army vet korea
RICHARDS, Rosa M. F., b. 12-jan-1906, d. 21-sept-1987
RICHARDS, Rosa Moody Fowler, b.1906C, d.sept-1987, p. james martin & ella jennings moody, h. raymond l. richards
RIDLEY, Exie, b.1924, d.1978, beside norman ridley
RIDLEY, Norman, b.1904, d.1967, beside exie
ROACH, Gladys, b.1919, d.1975
ROACH, Leonard James, b.1917C, d.7-jan-1985, p. baxter & ida swafford roach, w. gladys anderson roach
ROACH, Mary Margaret, b.1-june-1913, beside minnie f.
ROACH, Minnie F., b.1891, d.1922, beside mary margaret roach
ROCHESTER, Richard T., b.25-july-1907, d.24-jan-1908, p. j.c. & a.b. rochester
ROGERS, Martha Cox, b.23-may-1851, d.10-may-1905
ROSS, Lucy Lee, b.20-nov-1870, d.18-aug-1951
ROTHELL, Dora Frances, b.14-aug-1925, d.21-dec-1936
ROWLAND, A.A., b.13-oct-1821, d.26-may-1902, w. fannie e.
ROWLAND, Amon A., b.9-june-1853, d.29-may-1872, p. a.a. & f.e. rowland
ROWLAND, Andrew Lewis, b.4-dec-1872, d.16-dec-1967
ROWLAND, Azalee K., b.29-aug-1905, d.8-june-1993, p. tom & sally orr keaton, h. clemson c. rowland
ROWLAND, Belza (?), b.1878, d.18-june-1900,a. 22y,
ROWLAND, Bessie N., b. 13-sept-1936, d. 11-oct-2001
ROWLAND, Clemson C., b.11-aug-1906, d.16-nov-1979, double marker with azalee k.
ROWLAND, Dewey Clifton, b.1964C, d.2-july-1987, p. samuel george rowland & nellie burdette rowland revels
ROWLAND, Dewey, b. 1963, d. 1987, p. earl & ruby Rowland
ROWLAND, Dorothy V., b. 1-jan-1924, d. 9-aug-1991
ROWLAND, Dorothy Virginia, b.1924C, d.9-aug-1991, p. redmond a. sr. & maude montean adams rowland
ROWLAND, Earl "Cliff", b.1904. d.1970, double marker with ruby f.
ROWLAND, Estelle, b.10-feb-1908, d.21-feb-1908, p. a.l. & j.g. rowland
ROWLAND, Fannie E., b.13-apr-1831, double marer with husband A.A
ROWLAND, Francis, b.4-june-1921, D.8-JUNE-1922
ROWLAND, Hubert Clyde, b.11-apr-1911, d.28-feb-1913
ROWLAND, James A., b.8-june-1911, d. 8-july-1911, p. a.l. & j.g. rowland
ROWLAND, Jenny N., b.6-july-1943, d.13-mar-1944
ROWLAND, Jessie George, b.10-feb-1884, h. a.l. rowland
ROWLAND, Julia Anna Barton, b.1887, d.1928, h. a.l. rowland
ROWLAND, Lawrence E., b.8-dec-1930, d.15-apr-1944
ROWLAND, Loree, b.4-aug-1931, d.3-mar-1932
ROWLAND, Mary E., b. 1-sept-1890, d.5-nov-1890, p. s.c. & m.m. rowland
ROWLAND, Mary Jane, b.4-may-1876, d.21-apr-1929, dtr. o a.a. & f.e. rowland
ROWLAND, Mary M., b.17-may-1868, d.21-aug-1941, double marker with samuel c. rowland
ROWLAND, Maude A., b.1-dec-1888, d.18-oct-1937, double marker with redmond a. rowland
ROWLAND, Ralph C., b.4-jun-1928, d.10-jan-1987, p. clemson c. & azalee keaton rowland
ROWLAND, Redmond A., b.8-mar-1888, d.13-dec-1930, double marker with maude a.
ROWLAND, Ruby F., b.1911, d.1978, double marker earl "cliff"
ROWLAND, Samuel C., b18-feb-1858, d.23-nov-1937, double marker with mary m. rowland
ROWLAND, Walice W., b.23-july-1913, d.12-oct-1914 (walice as on stone)
RUSSELL, Altha L., b.16-may-1887, d.22-june-1931
RUSSELL, David M., b.26-dec-1891, d.18-june-1969
RUTLEDGE, Dewitt, b.29-jan-1915, d.5-jan-1940
RUTLEDGE, Diedrich P., b.8-aug-1880, d.30-may-1952, double marker with gertrude b.
RUTLEDGE, Gertrude B., b.19-feb-1892, d.20-jan-1962, double marker with diedrich p.
RUTLEDGE, Hattie, b.27-apr-1876, d.15-may-1915, p. r.s. & m.e. rutledge
RUTLEDGE, James Oliver, b.6-may-1873, d.15-apr-1907
RUTLEDGE, Lou Anna, b.7-dec-1867, d.25-june-1886
RUTLEDGE, Margaret E., b.30-apr-1841, d.29-mar-1910, h. robert s.
RUTLEDGE, Robert Lee, b.11-july-1884, d.14-mar-1885
RUTLEDGE, Robert S., b.19-july-1843, d.13-jan-1918, w. margaret e.
SANDERS, Huldah, b.1885, d.1939, double marker with john a.
SANDERS, John A., b.1883, d.1940, double marker with huldah
SANDERS, Wilmer Lee, b.27-feb-1908, d.27-feb-1939
SEISKEY, Eugenia, b.1915, d.5-july-1888, a.73y., 3-way marker with augusta seiskey crenshaw & newton crenshaw
SEISKEY, Eugenia, b.1915, d.5-july-1888, a.73y., 3-way marker with augusta seiskey crenshaw & newton crenshaw
SHEAD, Dollie  S., b.20-jan-1900, d.14-oct-1984, p. john allen & rosie smith shead, h. garnett b. shead
SHEAD, Dollie S., b. 20-jan-1900, d. 14-oct-1984
SHEAD, Garnet B., b.12-june-1889, d.7-sept-1968, double marker with dollie s.
SHEAD, John A., b.12-dec-1866, d.10-jan-1934, w. sarrah rosea
SHEAD, Sarrah Rosea, b.19-dec-1869, d.16-may-1931, h. john a.
SHEDD, Jim J., b.1849, d.1925, double marker with malissa j.
SHEDD, Malissa J., b.1856, d.1952, double marker with jim j.
SHELTON, Bessie Helen, b.14-dec-1928, d.26-jan-1929
SHELTON, J.M., b.9-nov-1892, d.5-june-1902
SHELTON, Joe Ansel, b.1921, d.1931
SHELTON, John, b.1887, d.1962, beside lillie
SHELTON, Lillie, b.21-june-1897, d.8-aug-1958, beside john
SHELTON, Marvin, b.1918, d.1928
SIMMONS, Minnie, b.18-july-1888, d.23-fef-1929, h. s.m. simmons
SLATTEN, Luvada Barnes, b.1887, d.1910, h. l.r. slatten
SLOAN, Ina B., b23-oct-1898, d.31-oct-1907, dtr. of j.r. & roxy sloan
SLOAN, J.R., b.15-aug-1879, d.13-aug-1907, double marker with ina b. sloan
SMITH, Adeline, Miss, b. no date, d.17-jan-???
SMITH, Adline, b.1875, d.1950, double marker with willie
SMITH, Boley kelley, b.1927, d.1928
SMITH, Carey G., date, d.22-oct-1945
SMITH, D.A., b. 11-june-1885, d.13-jan-1909
SMITH, Dora K., b.30-dec-1896, d.22-mar-1920
SMITH, Douglas L., date, d.1953, beside shirley s.
SMITH, Fletcher Coker, b.1918C, d.11-oct-1985, p. curtis & myrtie willis Coker, w. omie underwood smith
SMITH, Fletcher G., b.25-apr-1908, d.5-june-1970, double marker with willie b
SMITH, Fletcher W., b. 1918, d. 1985
SMITH, Harold Davis, b.7-mar-1937, d.10-oct-1944
SMITH, Hattie R., b.2-dec-1918, d.3-dec-1920
SMITH, Helen G, no dates, double marker with jerry
SMITH, Jerry, no dates, double marker with helen g.
SMITH, Larry Jones, b.3-mar-1947, d.3-aug-1947
SMITH, Lucy Camellia, b.11-jan-1958, d.23-oct-1958
SMITH, Nickolas, b. 2002, d. 2002
SMITH, Roy Eugene, b. 20-feb-1954, d. 17-apr-1991
SMITH, Roy Eugene, b.1953C, d.17-apr-1991, p. fletcher grant & willie g. blackwell smith, w. joan kelly smith
SMITH, Shirley S., b. no date, d.1951, beside douglas l.
SMITH, Turner, b.1900, d.1929
SMITH, Wade Junior, b.18-feb-1946, d.`-mar-1946
SMITH, Willie B., b.2-june-1910, d.15-may-1969, double marker with fletcher g.
SMITH, Willie, b.1926, d.1951, double marker with adline
SPERMAN, Beula B., b.8-mar-1893, d.24-sept-1933, double marker with  douthard  w. sperman
SPERMAN, Douthard W., b.29-apr-1883, d.21-jan-1936, double marker with beula b. sperman
STANCIL, Betty Lou, b. 19-sept-1934, d. 27-jan-2001
STANCIL, Ethel M., b. 8-aug-1907, d. 13-feb-1999
STANCIL, Ethel Rowland, b.1908c, d.13-feb-1999, p. peter & julia barton rowland
STANCIL, Eula Mae Q, b.1909, d.29-july-1990, p. alford & elitha wykle queen, h. geo. romaine stancil, sr
STANCIL, George R., Sr., b.1905, d.1968, double marker with eula mae q. stancil
STANCIL, Nettie Hellams, b.18-nov-1894, d.20-june-1929
STANCIL, P.A., b.16-nov-1882, d.9-jan-1910
STANTON, Maebelle Roach McDonald, b.1913C, d.17-may-1994, p. james baxter & ida isabell swafford roach
STEPHENS, Addie F., b.20-mar-1918, d.19-apr-1959, military marker: sc pfc co 333 inf reg't WWII bsm
STEPHENS, Annie M., b.5-feb-1916, d.?-1965, double marker with john s. stephens
STEPHENS, Inez Lucy Bearden, b.4-jul-1908, d.8-nov-1992, p. joseph alec & lucy doyle bearden, h. jasper l. stephens
STEPHENS, James Sherman, b.27-mar-1932, d.10-mar-1995, p. john & annie  stephens, w. maybell haley stephens
STEPHENS, Jasper, b.1883, d. 1962, beside addie f. stephens
STEPHENS, John S., b.18-oct-1912, d.5-june-1955, double marker with annie m.
SULLIVAN, Bessie, no dates
SULLIVAN, Connie E., b. 1890, d.1979, double marker with john s. sullivan
SULLIVAN, Fred, b.7-june-1899, d.21-jan-1929
SULLIVAN, Henry Mitchell, b.1924c, d.5-apr-2000, p. fed & palistian davis sullivan
SULLIVAN, Henry, b. 1923, d. 2000
SULLIVAN, John Fred, b. 5-feb-1928, d. 4-dec-1928
SULLIVAN, Julia, b.18-dec-1870, d.4-apr-1948
SULLIVAN, Lillie Rutledge, b.2-sep-1879, d.18-may-1959
SULLIVAN, Otto, b.7-jan-1917, d.29-sept-1973, military marker: sc pvt us army
SULLIVAN, Palestine Mary, b. 6-feb-1903, d.3-feb-1932
SULLIVAN, Paul, b.9-apr-1913, d.6-nov-1990, p. james frank & lucille kelley sullivan, army vet WWII, purple heart, bronze stars (3)
SULLIVAN, Rosa H., b.10-may-1891, d.31-dec-1975
SULLIVAN, T.M., b.4-oct-1854, d.3-dec-1929
THOMAS, Frankie, b.25-june-1939, d.20-june-1941
THOMAS, Nellie Jane, b. 6-feb-1983, d. 14-feb-1983
TROHER, Shon Scott, b. 2-apr-1967, d. 20-jan-2001
TROTTER, Corrien Wood, b. 11-jan-1912, d. 25-dec-1991, p. william bill & omendie scott wood, h. george trotter
TROTTER, Shon Scott, b.1968, d.20-jan-2001, w. cathy long trotter, p. john william & juanita morton trotter
TURNER, Johnnie, b. 1-dec-1902, d. 23-dec-1902, p. w.m. & c.c turner
TURNER, lvin Walter, b. 1957, d. 1982
TURNER, Nancy N.M., b. 15-mar-1888, d. 3-sept-1911, p. w.m. & s. turner
TURNER, Sallie L., 6-july-1869, d. 12-feb-1922, beside william m. turner
WALTERS, H. McCoy, b. 2-mar-1876, d. 5-june-1945
WALTERS, Roy L., b. 1913, d. 1940
WALTERS, W. Grady, b. 22-jan-1919, d. 14-mar-1950
WATKINS, Belle Cobb, b. 10-aug-1891, d. 11-july-1975
WELCH, Bill V., b. 10-july-1910, d. 15-june-1945
WESTMORELAND, Gertrude Lee Dorsey, b. 1904C, d. 2-july-1986, p. wm. & maggie friar lee, h. harry g. westmoreland
WHITE, Claude R, b. 16-jan-1880, d. 27-sept-1964
WHITE, Tommy, b. 6-apr-1895, d 7-apr-1895, p. m.b. & e.j. white
WHITTEN, Eddie, b. 11-nov-1933, d. 30-june-1935
WILLIAMS, Cole L., b. 17-apr-1916, d. 15-jan-1920
WILLIAMS, Fannie K., b. 1891, d. 1966, double marker with mason n. williams
WILLIAMS, Luther E. b. 25-july-1912, d. 1-oct-1913
WILLIAMS, Mason N., b. 1883, d. 1931, double marker with fannie k. williams
WILSON, Nioma S., b. 13-jan-1943, d. 28-jun-2001
WILSON, Raymond Joseph, b. 6-jan-1962, d. 27-dec-1991, p. verner albert & linda lusk wilson, w. sharon addis burrell wilson
WILSON, Raymond Joseph, b. 1962C, d. 27-dec-1991, p. verner albert & linda lusk wilson, w. sharon addis burrell wilson
WOOD, Christopher, b. no date, d. 1961
WOOD, Christopher, b. no date, d. 1961
WOOD, Elby W., b. 1914, d. 1982, w. lida c. wood
WOOD, Horace Lee, b. 1942, d. 26-oct-1993, p. fred limmie wood
WOOD, Lida C., b. 1918, d. 1982, h. elby w. wood
WOOD, Mindie S., b. 1872, d. 1956, beside william a. wood
WOOD, William A., b. 1870, d. 1943
WOODALL, Alice, b. 1960, d. 1973
WOODALL, Barry, b. 23-mar-1947, d. 19-aug-1948
WOODALL, Joseph W., b. 10-may-1919, d. 8-aug-1986
WOODALL, Joseph William, b. 1919C, d. 8-aug-1986, p. william jasper & ruthie burton woodall, w. mamie dale pitts woodall
WOODALL, Richard, b. 16-sept-1951, d. 27-nov-1951
YORK, E.M., b. 1864, d. 8-sept-1901, a. 37y, w. maggie m. york

Gilbert Town: Its Place in North Carolina and Revolutionary War History

William Gilbert, of Scotch-Irish (Ulster-Scot) heritage, came to America and settled first in Philadelphia, where he met and married Sarah McCanless, who was born there in 1737. They traveled to Charleston, South Carolina, from Philadelphia and then came to Old Tryon County.
In 1777 and 1778, he was assessor of taxes and, in 1778, collector of taxes. Mr. Gilbert held the office of justice of the peace in Old Tryon County, taking his seat in July, 1778. In 1779, he represented Tryon in the North Carolina House of Commons.
On February 8th, 1779, he was forced to resign his commission as justice of the peace on the charge of duplicating his vouchers as commissary of militia of Tryon County. His guilt or innocence can never be known. Despite the charge, when Rutherford County was formed from Old Tryon, Gilbert represented the new county in the North Carolina House of Commons. He was selected in 1779, 1780, 1782, and 1783.
Gilbert was appointed justice of the peace for Rutherford County in 1781. At the October, 1781, term of the Rutherford County Court, he was chosen chairman of the court. The court vindicated him of the legislative charge of duplicating his vouchers by an order in October 1781, reading "On motion of William Gilbert, Esq., and testimony produced to the satisfaction of the court, it is ordered that the opinion of the court be entered on the records, to-wit: It is the opinion of the court that the said William Gilbert is not guilty of the charge laid against to the General Assembly, and we do certify that the said William Gilbert never plundered, nor was guilty of plundering, to our knowledge."
Gilbert was charged with treason, because Ferguson used the Gilbert home as his headquarters. Lyman Draper in his definitive history, King's Mountain and Its Heroes, on page 159, states Gilbert "was a Loyal friend of King George." In 1897, Flournoy Rivers wrote in a Nashville newspaper that "Draper seemed to have presumed that Gilbert was a Loyalist simply because Major Ferguson camped at Gilbert Town, as though an invading army would ever quarter on a friend while in an enemy's country. As a fact, the Assembly was then sitting at Hillsborough and Gilbert, being the county's representative in the House of Commons, was most likely absent there, and Ferguson, in his absence, most probably quartered on [Gilbert] as an object lesson by way of making treason odious, as it were."
North Carolina records indicate that on October 25th, 1775, Gilbert and others, including the Committee of Safety, signed the "Association Oath," expressing profound regret that "his Brittannic Majesty had been so ill-advised as to encroach on the undoubted rights of the colonists as Englishmen, with the firmly expressed intention of sustaining both the Continental and Provincial Congresses."
In October, 1783, Gilbert wanted to visit his wife's relatives in Philadelphia. The court, sitting at his son-in-law's house, prepared, under the seal of the court, a statement of his standing and civic virtues, by way of a letter of introduction. "That the said William Gilbert hath long been an inhabitant of this county, hath frequently represented the same in the General Assembly; that he is first in commission of the place, and that it appears from the lists of assessments returned into the clerk's office that he is possessed of and hath given in for assessing more taxable property than any other person in the county of Rutherford, and that he hath uniformly distinguished himself as a warm Whig and a true friend to his county in times of greatest distress and defection during the war."
Despite his successful defense of the charges of treason, Gilbert continued to have legal problems after the war, being engaged in numerous lawsuits, and eventually lost his property. In 1786, 1787, and a portion of 1788, he lived in Charleston, South Carolina. He later returned to Gilbert Town to live at the home of his son-in-law, James Holland, where he died in 1790. He was buried on Ferguson's Hill above Gilbert Town.
Gilbert's wife, Sarah McCanless Gilbert, lived until 1822. She went with the James Holland family in 1790 to Maury County, Tennessee, and is buried at Holland's Ford on the Duck River.
James Holland married Gilbert's daughter Sarah. He represented Rutherford County in the North Carolina House of Commons and the Senate. He was elected to the first board of trustees of the University of North Carolina.
(Nancy Ellen Ferguson)

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Four Tips for Tracing Your Ancestors Back to Ireland

special thanks to Larry for sharing the following tips for tracing your Irish ancestors ...

Among your biggest challenges in Irish genealogy research is identifying that specific place of origin on the Emerald Isle. Although the island of Ireland is about the size of Indiana, it can seem as big as Jupiter if that's all you have to go on. But if you learn all you can about your Irish ancestors in American records, with a bit of Irish luck, you might discover their origins. Leave no Blarney Stone unturned in your search, including tombstones. Here are some quick tips to get you started.

1. The Irish are known for including the county and sometimes the townland of origin on their headstones-for example, Bridget McNamara's Richmond, Va., headstone says she was a native of Kildysart, County Clare, Ireland.

2. Be sure to look for obituaries, death certificates and church records in America, as Catholic priests with largely Irish congregations might have included this information in records of marriages, baptisms or burials. But a place of origin can turn up in any record, so gather every document your ancestor might've created in America.

3. Expanding your search to all family members' records is key, too, as instructor Sharon Carmack learned when researching her great-grandmother Delia Gordon. Delia and her twin sister, Mary, emigrated from Ireland. Some relatives thought they were from County Cork. Records for Delia, Mary and their immediate families said only "Ireland." When Mary attempted suicide in 1906, a newspaper article mentioned another sister, Annie, whom Sharon hadn't known about. Sharon started tracking Annie's family, and her husband's naturalization gave Annie's origins as County Leitrim. Because of Sharon's lengthy search for the three sisters, she could give the County Leitrim Heritage Centre (part of the Irish Family History Foundation's network of genealogy centers) enough information to find the Gordons in church records. Turns out they lived in the townland of Ardvarney.

4. To find Irish Heritage Centres and learn what records they have, go to <> . They're generally not open to the public, and they charge a fee for searches, but some offer records and indexes on their websites. If you're still coming up empty on the place of origin, broaden your search to people associated with your ancestor, such as witnesses to baptisms, deeds, and other records, as well as Irish-born neighbors listed in the census. Immigrants tended to migrate with and settle near people they knew from their homeland.