Friday, June 7, 2013

Rev. Henry Hennington DNA Match

This morning I was able to confirm through DNA testing (autosomal) via Dan Spivey, that Henry Hennington is the brother of Rev. John Hennington. Both of them are the son's of Ann Howell.

Although we always knew this is, it was circumstantial at best. Thanks to Dan,this test confirms it. Dan's line is through Lillie Etta Hennington>James William Hennington>Green William Hennington>Rev. Henry Hennington.

Thomas Hennington from the original Hennington Red Book (Hennington and Related Families), is another story. No one has ever confirmed he is a son of Ann Howell. He was not listed as an heir to her estate - which would have been required by state law. He never lived around the family, and his name was spelled differently. There has never any evidence to indicate he was related to Rev. John and Henry.

It is possible, Thomas is related to the Ephraim Hennington out of South Carolina or perhaps from North Carolina.

If there are any descendants of Thomas reading this message, we would certainly appreciate you taking an AncestryDNA test. It will be the best $ 99.00 you will ever spend. That also applies to any of our other Hennington cousins who would like to prove their lines biologically / scientifically by taking the Ancestry DNA test. These results can then be prepared with existing testers to check paper trails. Remember, you no longer have to be a male Hennington to test you're Hennington line. Male or female can test.

If you do decide to test, please contact me at so I can watch for your results. You do not have to be a subscriber to Ancestry to take their DNA test.

Thanks very much
Gayle Hennington Van Horn
Hennington DNA Project Manager