Sunday, May 11, 2014

Delay/Dunlea Ancestors from County Cork, Ireland

I have been working on my Delay ancestral line for many years. My fifth great grandfather, Lt. James Delay born 1747, was from Ireland. This information was confirmed from Revolutionary War pensions of men who served under him. I have always suspected the Delay's may have come from County Cork, Ireland.

Last week I visited the Scottish Tartan's Museum in Franklin, North Carolina, and discovered from clan books on Ireland, that the surname DELAY was originally DUNLEA, and the majority of those were in fact from County Cork, Ireland.

Very happy, that as I was likely County Cork. This post is actually a query to any that read this post. Do you have Delay family ties - or Dunlea ? Do you have County Cork ties or information. I would be pleased to trade any Delay information with any direction you have. Great discovery ...but plenty more to do ! Please email me at gaylevanh   at
(photo/County Cork tartan)