Sunday, February 5, 2012

Finding Aunt Somebody Hennington

I always feel really bad when I run across a photo someone has posted that ask, " do you know who this is ?" Last night, while going through my photos file, I found one from my family. No one knows who this lovely lady is. She was listed as " Aunt Somebody Hennington." Was Hennington her maiden name, or did she marry into our family ?

Take a closer look. Her dress is an Edwardian dress style, (known as a Tea Gown). As in this photo, all these dresses were worn with a colorful ribbon at the waist. Judging by these descriptions, this photo was likely taken about 1905, plus or minus a couple of years. Her hairstyle is an upswept Gibson Girl style, also indicative of this era. Judging by both, that would make her possibly born about 1880-1885.

She is a truly beautiful women, one that should not be forgotton. Is she your aunt, cousin or a great grandmother ? Please help me solve this mystery to identify Aunt Somebody Hennington.