Friday, April 15, 2011

Revising family group records

Over the coming weeks, I will be reposting many of the Family Group records I have previously posted since 2007. Those I'll be reposting, are ones I have discovered new or corrected family information, while others now have photos that have been found, either from Find a Grave, my personal archives or family members that have graciously sent me copies from their collections. To the latter, I am very appreciative.
Blog readers that discover a family tie-in to any these listed surnames are welcomed to email me at the above email address in the mast head. I have been an active family genealogist for over thirty years and enjoy hearing from fellow researchers.
Some of my ancestral surnames include; Hennington, Burdette, Clement, Jones, Slay, Cooper, DeLay, Seely, Hood, Bankston, Rambo, Townsend, Falkner, Perry, Corn, Futch, Sumrall, Payne, Lanier, St. Leger and many more !

Good luck in your personal family quest